Awards and scholarships presented at Bentley graduation celebration

For the second time ever PAW (Panthers at Work) hoodies were presented by school principal Lane Moore to Kai Poffenroth and Damon Sawyer.

For the second time ever PAW (Panthers at Work) hoodies were presented by school principal Lane Moore to Kai Poffenroth and Damon Sawyer because of their significant contributions while attending school.

Class valedictorian Amy Woolf received the Governor General’s Award, the highest mark in social 30 and highest mark in English 30 from presenter teacher Jason Hazlett, highest mark in math 30 and 31, from presenter teacher Brenda Von Kuster, and highest mark in Sciences from presenter teacher, Michael Sonnenberg.

Ryan Bergesen was presented the Leadership Award by teacher Jill Howe.

Savanna Spendiff, who had done work on school yearbooks, was presented the Lifetouch Scholarship by teacher Lee Varty. She also won the Cheryl Screpnek Humanitarian Award (presenter Sherry Haarstad).

Wolf Creek Scholarships for those going on to a college or university were earned by Alyssa Hyink and Vivien Schunk and the Wolf Creek CTS Scholarship for trades went to Shenoah Reban. Presenters were Lane Moore and school trustee Pam Hansen.

Both the Bentley Ag Society Scholarship (presenters Jason Hazlett and Ag Society rep Janis Bickford) and the Bentley Seed Cleaning Plant Scholarship (presenter Lane Moore) went to Kai Poffenroth who is enrolling in Ag Management at Olds College.

Tyson Hueppelsheuser was awarded the Justin Bickford Memorial Scholarship by Steven Lush and Breanne and J’lyn Bickford.

Before presenting the athletic awards, assistant principal/physical education teacher Steven Lush, listed off numerous athletic accomplishments of the school that this class greatly contributed to.

“All year I have asked these student athletes to do one thing: Leave their legacy behind for younger student athletes to follow,” he stated. “Not only were they great athletes, but they were serving as leaders who volunteered to help run over 10 tournaments this year.”

The Bentley senior high students won the zone supremacy banner again this year and the senior track team won zones for the eighth consecutive year.

The senior girls won the bronze medal at the golf zone championship.

The senior high cross country team finished first at zones.

The senior boys volleyball finished first at their home tournament and second in their league championship.

The senior girls basketball finished third at their home tournament, and second in league play.

The senior boys basketball team finished fourth at their home tournament and were undefeated in league play so were league champions.

The senior boys handball team finished second at zones, and the girls handball team also finished second at zones and won a bronze medal at provincials.

He stated there were many banners still to hang.

Major Athletic Award medallions went to Taryn Heagy, Alyssa Hyink, Shenoah Reban, Savanna Spendiff, Tyson Hueppelsheuser, Kai Poffenroth, and Damon Sawyer.

The outstanding female athlete (presenters Steven Lush and Royal Purple representative Brenda Valiquette) was Savanna Spendiff and the outstanding male athlete (presenters Stephen Lush and Elks representative Lynda Haarstad- Petten) was Kai Poffenroth.

Savanna Spendiff and Kai Poffenroth also won the female and male Bentley Library Society’s best all around student awards (presenters Lane Moore and Bentley Library Society chairperson Val Anderson) contingent on them going on to post secondary education.

The ‘PRIDE’ (school theme: Partnership/Respect/Integrity/ Dedication/Excellence) Awards, sponsored by the Sylvan Lake Rotary Club for the fifth year (presenters Lane Moore and Sylvan Lake Rotary Club representative Joyce Megson), also went to Savanna Spendiff and Kai Poffenroth.

In line for Rutherford Scholarships for 80 per cent or higher are Tyson Hueppelsheuser, Alyssa Hyink, Kai Poffenroth, Savanna Spendiff, and Amy Woolf, and for 75 to79.9 per cent are Ryan Bergesen, Lyndsey Grutterink, and Vivien Schunk.

Bentley 2015 graduates are Ryan Bergesen, Lyndsey Grutterink, Taryn Heagy, Tyson Hueppelsheuser, Alyssa Hyink, Alyssa Lautenbach, Heather McLaren, Etham Nickerson, Kai Poffenroth, Shenoah Reban, Damon Sawyer, Vivien Schunk, Savanna Spendiff, Hope Tress, Amy Woolf, Jared Zinger, and Wyatt Jensen.

Each received their Bentley School diploma and a special Bentley 100th Anniversary certificate from the town. Principal Moore and MLA Nixon presented each student with the diploma and cer- tificate before they descended the stage. At the bottom of the stairs each was given hugs by two of the school staff and handed two roses to share with their families at the end of the dark gray carpet marked with dotted “highway” lines – Every Mile a Memory.

There was a dry grad again this year for graduates. The entire night was organized and supervised by parent volunteers.

The event provided more miles of memories for all involved.