‘Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide’ now available

Pearman offers everyone a greater understanding of the birds in Alberta.

In her new book, Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide, Pearman offers everyone, the experience bird feeders and thosewho are taking up the hobby for the first time, a greater understanding of the birds in Alberta, their diets and their habitsand what kind of food will be the most beneficial for them.

She said writing this book was a challenge, but also a delight.

“The response to for our call for photos from backyard bird enthusiasts from across the prairie provinces was heartening,and we are proud to feature images from over 60 photographers. All the proceeds from the sale of this book support thegood work of Ellis Bird Farm, so I am pleased that it is finally finished and is being so enthusiastically received.”

In the book’s introduction, she says it is her hope that the publication will inspire more people to get involved in the hobbyof bird feeding, get more enthused about transforming their yards and gardens into havens for birds and other wildlife andlearn more about and appreciate the fascinating avian neighbours.

“Like millions of other people are in the world, I delight in the hobby of bird feeding,” she said in her book. “Watching,photographing and writing about backyard birds makes me feel connected to the natural world. And it gives me great joy toshare my knowledge and enthusiasm with others.”

Pearman said her book is an updated version of her book, Winter Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide. This book, written in1991, is now out of print.

Since that time there is a better understanding of bird behaviour and population dynamics, and several excellent bird booksand Alberta-based field guides, as well as online resources have been made available, she said.

While Pearman notes there is an increasing level of public interest in attracting wildlife to urban and rural backyards, habitatis disappearing, songbird populations are crashing and children are missing out on learning about natural processes.

In her book, Pearman has included the results of a survey conducted by PROJECT WILDBIRD (supported by the Wild BirdFeeding Industry and Research Foundation) between 2005 and 2008. The survey shows that of the 1,300 people surveyedfrom across Canada and the United States the motivation to feed birds vary. Bringing beauty and nature to the area,enjoying the sounds of birds in the yard, wanting to help birds and engaging in a simple hobby or just for fun were theprimary reasons.

Pearman has authored and co-authored several books, writes a monthly photo essay in the Red Deer Advocate and has aregular column in The Gardener magazine. Her photographs have been wildly published.

The book, Backyard Bird Feeding: An Alberta Guide is available at Kerry wood Nature Centre and Ellis Bird Farm’s online store at ellisbirdfarm.ca