Bentley Ag society inducted another life member

This year, long serving member, Keith Stephenson, was inducted as an Honorary Life Member of the Ag Society.

This year, long serving member, Keith Stephenson, was inducted as an Honorary Life Member of the Ag Society. This is the third year this has been done to recognize outstanding contributions to the organization. It was quite a surprise to him when he was called up by president Jeremy Park.

Jeremy Park has finished his term as Ag Society president and said he really learned a lot about dealing with people and issues during his term and learned of the vast number of talented volunteers in the community.

“It is quite obvious that the Ag Society is an important part of this community and to that end we owe all of our success to the great volunteers that make up this organization,” said Park. “I believe the Ag Society has some of the best volunteers our community has to offer, and I thank every one of you for your involvement. We helped Bentley celebrate its 100th anniversary and we said goodbye to the Farmer’s Market as an Ag Society sub-committee. I truly have valued my time on the executive, and the people I’ve met and relationships I’ve formed have been the greatest benefit.”

There were others reporting at the Bentley & District Agricultural Society annual general meeting also.

BazAArt, in the old community hall, had 15 booths of various artwork. There was glass painting, modern painting, loom weaving, photography, pottery, mixed media, jewelry, drawing, and an impressive display of photographs honoring Bentley Seniors. There was a blacksmithing display outside during the same hours as well. Almost 400 people from places all over Canada, as well as outside of Canada, signed the guest book.

On at the same time was a beer and wine tasting area in the hall basement. There were three craft breweries and three cottage wineries. Tickets were sold by donation. Interest has been expressed for next year if it continues.

The ¾-hour long parade that was viewed by hundreds along its route had a band, floats, horses, dignitaries in cars, fire trucks, distinctive vehicles, and all the other usual entries for a parade.

A special entry in this year’s parade that many people may have missed was a 2015 Bentley car driven by Merlyn Wilson with passenger Eileen Wilson. It had a listing price of $294,000 but didn’t look extra ordinary Wilson said. Special arrangements had been made to have the 2015 Bentley car there to celebrate the year 2015 in Bentley.

Auditor will once again be Collins Barrows Accounting.

Executive for the coming year are President James Taylor, 1st Vice-President Kyle Brink, 2nd Vice-President Joan Dickau, Treasurer Stephanie Smith, Secretary Janis Bickford, and Past-President Jeremy Park.

Bentley Ag Society directors for 2016 are: JoAnn Butcher, Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Matt Macfie, Robyn Macfie, Georgina Miskey, Nicole Morton, Rick Park, Kyle Rose, Stacey Rumhor, Keith Stephenson, and Kathleen van Dam.