Bentley Community News: local drama club starts second season

Bentley’s intergenerational “Caught In the Act” drama club put on their first production for their second season in the Bentley Community Hall in front of a good crowd the evening of Friday, June 13, with more attending the Saturday, June 14 matinee at 2 p.m.

By June Norvila

Bentley’s intergenerational “Caught In the Act” drama club put on their first production for their second season in the Bentley Community Hall in front of a good crowd the evening of Friday, June 13, with more attending the Saturday, June 14 matinee at 2 p.m.

The play was a three-act humorous musical entitled “Spreading the Blues”, loosely adapted by Steve Cregg from an Irish play called Spreading the News by Lady Augusta Gregory that premiered in Ireland in December 1904.

The cast was magnificent. Chief of Police Tamara Budgell and RCMP constable Vicky Day did a most impressive job, as did 11-year old Etham Nickerson, one of the many farmers.

The appearance of the ghost of Lady Augusta Gregory played by Michelle Ostrikoff at the end of the show, chastising director Steve Cregg for plagiarism and chasing him from the building, was a surprise ending.

Others making up the fourteen cast members ranging in age from 11 to 90, included Norn spirits Pauline Cregg, Doris Coulton and Gail Wilson. Farmers were Randy Koetke, Sarai Dempsey, Ray Goodship, Hayley Lush, Jessie Cadman, Colby Reid, and Shelby Duncan.

Painted canvas, with a well-utilized exit cut into it, formed the skillfully crafted backdrop.

Light refreshments were offered during the intermission between Act 2 and 3.

MC for the evening was Tim Day. There were too many others who helped in various ways behind the scenes to mention them individually, as well as strong support from a number of local businesses.

People were invited to get involved with the ‘Caught In the Act’ group. Anyone interested can put their name forward by contacting any of the club members. Club executive are president Byron Reban, treasurer Gail Wilson, and secretary Vicky Day.

For more information about the club, contact any of them or Stephen or Pauline Cregg at 748-3111 or assistant director Colleen McNaught.

Plenty of Bentley track and field records fall

Friday the 13th was a good day for some Bentley jr. high / sr. high school athletes. Twenty Bentley school track and field records were broken at the school’s track meet on that day, after having been postponed twice due to threatening weather.

Stephen McPhee has added four Bentley intermediate boys track and field records to his credit: Long Jump (6.26 meters from the old record of 5.50), Triple Jump (13.20 m from 11.59), 100 Meter Dash (:10:79 from :11:56), and the 200 Meter (:25:00 from :25:10). The 200 Meter record had been held since 1970 by Brad Turnbull.

Erin Seater now holds four Grade 7 girls school records: Triple Jump (8.46 meters from the old record of 8.33), Long Jump (4.27 m from 4.12), 100 Meter Dash (:14:00 from :14:05), and 800 Meter Run (2:59:55 from 3:01:84).

Briar Gyori now has three Grade 8 girls records: 100 Meter Dash (:13:30 from :13:40), 800 Meter (2:43:55 from 3:01:84), and Long Jump (4.57 m from 4:38).

Amy Hawkings broke the Grade 9 girls Long Jump record of 4.33 meters with a jump of 4.51 meters.

Dean Sanders holds the junior boys Triple Jump record when he recorded a jump of 12.75 m, breaking the old record of 12.52, and now has the High Jump record with a 1.87 m. jump, up from the 1.80m in 1980 by Danny Wilkins.

Dayne Dupuis: junior boys 100 Meter (:11:75 from :11:81).

Chance Abbott: junior boys 1500 Meter (4:47 from 4:52).

Chelsea Hutchinson broke the long-standing record of 4.75 meters for the Senior Girls Long Jump held since 1976 by Bev Abt with a 4.84 m jump.

Lance Franz won the Grade 7 boys Triple Jump with a record breaking 9.12 m jump, besting the old record of 8.96.

Jesse Rehbein: now the Grade 7 boys 800 Meter holder (2:56:04 from 2:58:91).

A new Intermediate Boys Relay record was set by team members Stephen McPhee, Josh Deschambault, Kyle Lenz, and Jesse Young, posting a time of :51:36, beating the old record of :52:00.

The Elementary school track meet was also held Friday, June 13. Participation, and fun and activity were the key.

Ribbons were awarded for first to fourth place for Grade 4-6 students in seven events otherwise the day was a “fun” day for all with a total of 15 different stations for elementary students to participate in.

There were ribbons in Hurdles, Javelin, Discus, Ball Throw, 100 Meter, 200 Meter, and the 400 Meter Race. Fun activities included Face Painting, T-ball Hit, Skipping, Sack Race, Water Balloon Toss, Soccer Kick, Basketball Free Throw, and Playground.

The elementary school track meet day activities were under the guidance and supervision of staff and assisted by some jr./sr. high school students, some parents, and other volunteers.

Bentley ECS era ending

Twenty-three Bentley ECS students marked their year-end with a celebration and program on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 18 in the chapel part of the Bentley Community Church. Many family and friends were in attendance.

After being housed in the Bentley Community Church for about 14 years, the Bentley ECS (kindergarten) is moving. Next term Bentley ECS students will be incorporated into the Bentley Elementary public school classrooms along with all the other Grade 1-6 students.

After opening their program with the singing of Oh, Canada, ECS teacher Mrs. Denise Henry sized up her phenomenal year with the class by mentioning “how they (the students) are growing and learning, and changing.”

A medley of numerous songs that the children had learned throughout the year was presented. The year-in-review covered all the seasons and showed how song can help with counting and learning.

A message from Pastor Greg Rathjen, pastor of the Bentley Community Church, was read in his absence by assistant teacher Mrs. Joan Ree, congratulating the class.

There were many thank you’s for all the help and support from so many people including school bus driver Kathleen van Dam who faithfully and safely delivered the rural children to the high school to meet their rural buses after class each day, and to Bonnie Pacholko, Diane Holdstock, Michelle Ostrikoff and many others.

A special apron was presented to outgoing school principal Mr. Lothar Kemski, and new elementary school assistant principal Mr. Ian McLaren and incoming school principal Mr. Lane Moore were introduced.

Towards the end of the program each of the students introducing themselves and said, “When I grow up I want to be a – – – .”

Following the awarding of each student’s certificate of celebration, with each student individually called forward and posing for pictures, coffee, juice and cake were offered to all in attendance in the downstairs main ECS room.

It will be different next year admit the ECS staff. Being a part of the bigger school element and in with all the elementary school students. Not having the more remote type location like the past 14 years will be a change. Moving has already begun and will continue with help from staff, parents and friends.