Bentley School students give back to community

There are a number of students who have taken on leadership roles in the Bentley School by serving on the Bentley Students Union council for 2010/11.

Co-presidents are Grade 12 students Alyssa Wilson and Michael Plamondon; high school vice-president is Nicole Scott and the junior high vicepresident is Cassandra Ruud; treasurer is Justine Mcdougall, social convener is Randi Gordon.

Room reps are: for Grade 12, Tianna Reid; Grade 11, Mathew Huehn and Jessie Cadman; Grade 10, Hayley Lush and Taylor Starling; Grade 9, Haleigh Reid and Carissa Derksen.

Staff who help guide the students are Grade 12 homeroom teacher Jason Hazlett, Grade 7 homeroom teacher Karen Weisgerber, and Grade 3 teacher Kelsey Ruttan.

They had a classroom door decorating contest in December with the themes based on Christmas carols and winners in each category got a pizza party.

The students’ union also sold candygrams. A candygram was a candy cane with a special note attached that could be sent to anyone within the school — elementary or junior/senior high.

The students’ union also offered parents a “date night” on Dec. 10 when their children, aged three to 12 would be looked after and entertained at the school for up to 5 hours for just $10 per child, with students union students, junior/senior high volunteers, and staff supervising the activities.

School students also donated toward the “Gifts for Grandparents” project. Each homeroom made up Christmas baskets to raffle off at the school’s community Christmas Concert and Family Dance at the ag centre on Dec. 16, and Blessing Pantry donations were gratefully accepted as admission.

The Bentley School is striving to encourage students to be involved with and give back to the community.