Bentley students receive awards at graduation ceremonies

Awards were handed out during the school’s graduation celebration held recently.

Historians Carson Schneider

Historians Carson Schneider

Awards were handed out during the school’s graduation celebration held recently.

The class valedictorian Elizabeth Keller received the Governor Generals Award, the highest mark in social 30 and highest mark in English 30 from presenter teacher Jason Hazlett, highest mark in math 30 & 31, from presenter teacher Brenda Von Kuster, and highest mark in sciences from presenters, teacher Michael Sonnenberg and Bentley Ag Society Vice President James Taylor.

The ATA Award (presenter Lane Moore) was won by Robyn Shannon and the leadership award (presenter teachers Joan Gammie and Jill Howe) by Carson Schneider.

The Wolf Creek CTS Scholarship for trades went to Cheryl Tudhope and the Wolf Creek Scholarships for going on to a college or university to Cassandra Ruud & Haleigh Reid (presenters Lane Moore and school trustee Pam Hansen).

Both the Bentley Ag Society Scholarship (presenters Jason Hazlett and James Taylor) and the Bentley Seed Cleaning Plant Scholarship (presenter Lane Moore) went to Hayley Bickford.

The Sunny 94 Scholarship (presenter Lane Moore) recipient was Bayleigh Franz and the Lifetouch Scholarship winner (presenter teacher Lee Varty) was Char-Lee Ruud.

Carissa Derksen was the Cheryl Screpnek Humanitarian Award winner (presenter Sherry Haarstad).

For athletics (presenter assistant principal Stephen Lush), major award winners were Cassandra Ruud, Char-Lee Ruud, Hayley Bickford, Matthew Day, Nathan Dennehy, Spencer Holden, Kolton Hueppelsheuser, and Carson Schneider, with a minor award to Haleigh Reid.

The outstanding female athlete (presenters Stephen Lush and Royal Purple representative Julie Potter) was Hayley Bickford and the Outstanding Male Athlete (presenters Stephen Lush and Elks representative Lynda Haarstad-Petten) was Kolton Hueppelsheuser.

Hayley Bickford and Spencer Holden won the female and male Bentley Library Society Best All Around Student Awards (presenters Lane Moore and Bentley Library Society chairperson Shirley Talsma) and the Sylvan Lake Rotary Club ‘PRIDE’ Awards (presenters Lane Moore and Sylvan Lake Rotary Club representative Joyce Megson) went to Cole MacKenzie and Carson Schneider.

Rutherford Scholarship recipients for receiving marks of 80 per cent or higher were Hayley Bickford, Carissa Derksen, Bayleigh Franz, Spencer Holden, Elizabeth Keller, Cole MacKenzie, Kacey Maerz, and Kash Philibert, and for achieving marks of 75 to-79.9 per cent were Emily Albers, Haleigh Reid, Cassandra Ruud, and Char-Lee Ruud.

Dignitaries in attendance included guest speaker John Bauer, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Jayson Lovell, Wolf Creek Public School board trustee Pamela Hansen who brought greetings from the school board, Bentley Mayor Lynda Haarstad-Petten who brought greetings from the town, Caleb Schmidt from the Bentley Youth Group, VP of the Bentley Ag Society James Taylor, Chair of the Bentley Library Society Shirley Talsma, Bentley Royal Purple representative Julie Potter and Sylvan Lake Rotary Club representative Joyce Megson.

Bentley 2014 graduates were: Emily Albers, Hayley Bickford, Taylor Bohn, Brandon Chaudhary, Matthew Day, Nathan Dennehy, Carissa Derksen, Bayleigh Franz, Spencer Holden, Skylar Holdstock, Kolton Hueppelsheuser, Tessa Hughes, Coltin Jensen, Elizabeth Keller, Saskia Knox te Winkel, Cole MacKenzie, Kacey Maerz, Troy Metro, Kelsey Murphy, Kash Philibert, Haleigh Reid, Reese Reid, Christopher Robie, Emily Rogers, Tamara Rompfer, Cassandra Ruud, Char-Lee Ruud, Carson Schneider, Robyn Shannon, and Cheryl Tudhope.

They each received their Bentley School diploma from school principal Lane Moore and assistant principal Stephen Lush as they descended the stage.  Two students who graduated were unable to attend the formal ceremony.