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Bentley Van Society enters phase II

By June Norvila

The Bentley Community Van Society held its annual general meeting recently with board members in attendance and a disappointing number of members and public at large.

It was stated that phase 1 was to get a new van. That has happened. Now the committee will enter phase 2 — running programs to make more use of the van.

There is no rental charge for the use of the van on approved trips. A donation is asked for, and of course the vehicle must be returned refueled and clean. Volunteer drivers are available through the society.

A hired coordinator is in place.

There will be four open general meetings per year. The third Monday in May, August, November and February (the annual meeting).

The treasurer's report indicated more than $53,5000 in the accounts and more than $3,000 of GST still recoverable.

Updating and revising bylaws and introducing policies will be worked on.

Membership lists will be updated each year.

There were a few changes to the executive. President is Patti Paterson. Vice-president is Cheryl Farnden, who was the past president, replaces Greg Rathjen. Secretary is Barb Carson replacing Angelique Hand. Treasurer remains Jennifer Goddu. Directors added are Donna Park and Brenda Krossa.