Breton RCMP Detachment – Winfield, Buck Lake, Alder Flats report

The Breton RCMP responded to 15 calls over the past week.

March 13 – 19, 2008

The Breton RCMP responded to 15 calls over the past week. A number of complaints came through in regards to vehicles driving dangerously, speeding and weaving back and forth across the centre line on our local highways; as well a truck pulling a trailer losing dirt and gravel onto the highway near Alsike.

Youths, ages 7 to 15, who stole a car from a relative were seen driving all over the road eventually driving off the road and into a field near Alder Flats. All were taken to Drayton Valley hospital for observation and the RCMP is still investigating this case.

Two false alarms were reported, one came from a residence where the homeowners were on vacation, the door was apparently pushed ajar from a door to door canvasser, the other was from the Breton High School when a student pulled the fire alarm for no reason. The High School administration is dealing with this matter within the school.

There were three reports of assaults attended by the members, two were domestic disputes, charges were laid in one of these occurrences, and the other is still under investigation. The other was that of one young female allegedly slapping a younger female near Winfield, neither female was known to each other, no suspects are known and no charges have been laid.

An error was printed in the last Breton RCMP report, which indicated that a young girl in Winfield was offered a ride to school by a stranger. It turns out that this incident occurred in Winfield, B.C. not Winfield, Alta. Apparently the two towns are confused occasionally at our dispatch centre.

And lastly, it is with sadness and regret that we say goodbye to our Corporal Daryl Scott. Cpl. Scott is retiring from the RCMP as of March 20, 2008. Corporal Jeff McBeth from Drayton Valley will be our acting Unit Commander until a new corporal can be named.

March 19 – 26, 2008

Spring is upon us and occurrences requiring RCMP assistance are on the rise. As usual there were a number of traffic concerns, two of these included vehicles hitting deer; one rollover; and a collision between two vehicles in a parking lot, none of these incidents reported any injuries. Again there were numerous reports of people driving poorly, stunting, crossing centre lines, etc. One incident led to an individual being charged for driving with a suspended license.

A few reports of people’s bad behavior came in as well. These included a loud party at a campground near Yeoford; two reports of disturbing the peace by intoxicated individuals, as well as four domestic disturbances including threats being made. All of these occurrences are still under investigation.

Remaining incidents included another false alarm reported at the Breton High School. After attending the member and key holder saw nothing suspicious; a portable CD player being stolen out of a vehicle in Breton; and lastly a 911 hang up from a child apparently just calling to say hello. Again, we would like to stress the importance of keeping your children from playing with the phone in order to keep the 911 line open for emergencies.