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Catching up with the Rimbey Claus’

Tucked away in a log cabin near Poulsen’s Pasture near Rimbey, Santa and Mrs. Claus have made their home away from the North Pole.

They moved to area about four years ago and since then have captivated their neighbours and local kids attention, starting with the second year they were in the area. Now, Mrs. Claus starts decorating around the cabin in June.

“Normally you would walk in here and think it’s decorated for Christmas. All my paintings, china, they’re all Christmas when it just looks like Christmas all year around,” said Mrs. Claus.

Surrounded by a dozen Christmas trees in her living room, Mrs. Claus had a few minutes to catch up with the Rimbey Review, this time of year, while Santa is away up north, Mrs. Claus keeps and eye on the reindeer and the golden retrievers and managing all the social engagements.

Throughout the year they occasionally attend community events but as the holidays get closer they are busy most days attending events for local charities.

“Everything we have done so far is for charity, last week we helped Sylvan Lake Food Bank, Sunday we have another one in Sylvan Lake helping the Women’s Shelter in Red Deer,” said Mrs. Claus. This past weekend they also traveled to Strathmore to help raise money for Ronald McDonald House in Red Deer.

In previous years when they have hosted tours and Mrs. Claus says that most of them end in hugs, happy, tears and complete joy.

“You just see the child and they’re beaming.”

Sadly, like everything in the world, COVID affected how Santa and Mrs. Claus could visit and keep in touch with everyone last year but they did not to let the magic of Christmas fade and kept up with personalized videos and letters.

During the visit with the Rimbey Review, Mrs. Claus read a few letters and shared a few posts from the Santa and Mrs. Claus Rimbey, Facebook page. Last year, they helped a girl named Lyla, who was unable to visit Santa Claus by sending her a personal letter and photo.

Anything to keep the magic of Christmas alive for kids and adults alike.

“Her mom sent me a picture of her holding the letter and Layla was beyond, so excited.”

Another lady last year, helped her sister get some personal videos including a personalized Christmas Eve story reading from Mrs. Claus.

“I called out to her (sister) in the video and she got so excited. Her sister said to me after, “never mind Santa, when she sees Mrs. Claus she goes crazy”.”

Mrs. Claus hopes that this year will be a little more normal but encourages eveyone to be patient and reach out to her on Santa and Mrs. Claus Rimbey on Facebook if they are looking to get in touch with her or Santa this year.