Community honours its volunteers

Volunteers were recognized for their efforts at the Rimbey Community Centre with Volunteer Appreciation Night.

By Adam Eisenbarth

In every community the selflessness of volunteers is essential to so many programs and activities that make for a positive environment.

On April 19 those volunteers were recognized for their efforts at the Rimbey Community Centre with Volunteer Appreciation Night.

April 18 to 24 was Volunteer Appreciation Week and thanks to a special committee in town, the many volunteers of Rimbey were recognized for their efforts.

“Without the volunteer commitment we couldn’t have the types of programs we do. It really makes the community a great place to live,” says Peggy MaKofka, executive director of FCSS.

The Volunteer Appreciation Week Committee has given these community champions the recognition they deserve.

MaKofka is amazed at the endless volunteer support throughout the community.

“I am amazed over and over again. When you have a cause or an activity or special event you always find that people are willing to come out and help you.”

The event was again a hit with the crowd of more than 200 volunteers enjoying a lasagna dinner with angel food cake and entertainment. Fittingly, the food was provided by a group of volunteers on the Volunteer Appreciation Week Committee.

While the lasagna supper and entertainment were free to enjoy for the participants as a thank you for their efforts, MaKofka says it certainly isn’t the reason so many choose to volunteer throughout the year.

“It’s not the recognition so much. I don’t think most volunteers need to be patted on the head and told they’ve done a good job. It’s more just being part of such a positive activity and being a part of the community.”

Mayor Dale Barr emceed the event and is proud of the volunteers in the community.

“There are a lot of unsung heroes that were off with other endeavors and missed out on a great collaboration of volunteers. So we recognize that not everyone could make it but the building looked full and I think everyone there really enjoyed themselves.”

Though the work won’t come with a paycheque, volunteering has a number of benefits.

“The number 1 thing I think about volunteering is it’s fun because you pick something you like. There are so many options in the community so you can pick the type of work that you’ll enjoy and be able to help the cause,” says MaKofka, who added it’s a great idea for anyone new to a community.

“I think some people that are new to the community can get to know people. They meet people that might be similar in age and interest.”

Volunteering also has its perks for young citizens.

“I’ve seen more and more young people coming out and wanting to volunteer to get into university. It looks good on their resume.”

If you’re looking to help the community with volunteer efforts, visit With an online application and database that matches the volunteers to the events, it’s a useful tool in helping make the process of finding volunteers that much simpler.