Dave and Kathy MacMillan celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Submitted photo

Dave and Kathy MacMillan celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Submitted photo

Community of Rimbey celebrates wedding anniversary of former pastor

Dave and Kathy MacMillan celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently

Rimbey’s Kathy and Dave MacMillan recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

The couple have lived in Rimbey since 2003 when Dave started working there as a pastor at the Nazarene Church for 10 years before retiring.

Over the years, the community of Rimbey has changed but the atmosphere and the welcoming people of the community have not.

“Rimbey is progressive and is always doing something new, always looking to the future, so there’s always changes physically.”

The couple’s anniversary celebration actually lasted a while with family and friends taking part.

“We couldn’t really get our family together so our daughter took us out to The Keg in Edmonton for our anniversary,” said Kathy.

As well, just a couple of days prior to their anniversary the COVID restrictions were lifted so the church was able to have a social gathering on July 11th which was the main celebration, said Kathy.

“They had wedding cake, cupcakes, decorations, and everyone stayed after church and helped us celebrate. Everyone was so happy to have the restrictions lifted and it was the first time we could all get together and feel like we were celebrating something.”

It was the first time people could get together and it felt so good, said Kathy.

“Everyone has been so thoughtful and willing to celebrate with us and we are so happy to be here and happy to celebrate.”

Then the MacMillans took a trip.

“We drove to B.C. and stopped with friends in Abbotsford and toured around Vancouver Island to remember our honeymoon where we camped all over Vancouver Island. So we thought we could follow that trail we took a little bit and we did.”

After the trip was over the couple was happy to return to Rimbey.

“Now we are home, and we are glad to be home.”