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Different name, same board

The Bentley Senior Citizens Housing Society, formerly the Bentley Senior Citizen Housing Corporation, may have a different name but the faces of the executive and board remain familiar.

At the annual general meeting it was explained that the name was changed to better reflect the status of the group. The Bentley Senior Citizens Housing Corporation was originally registered under the provincial Societies Act in April 1973.

The Westview Apartment complex in Bentley, which includes 14 suites of various sizes of affordable housing units with a common area, an extended sunroom, and decks off each suite, is and always has been, operated and maintained by a group of volunteer trustees.

The mortgage was paid off in early 2009 after having transferred funds/mortgage to a different banking institution in 2004. The board feels they are much better off financially and have more control over things such as rent, improvements that can be made, etc.

They updated the cupboards of two apartments and some appliances during the past year and plan to do a couple more this year, along with regular maintenance.

A motion was made to use up the last of the “hog fund,” a long standing fund being used up little by little for residents in Westview after the hog producers co-op was disbanded, by putting what remains toward purchasing a new, bigger outside storage shed.

Members expressed how pleased they were with the snow removal this year. It is the best service they have ever had many reiterated. Ken Ebl was hired last year and was commended for his speedy, consistent, and constant work to keep not only sidewalks clear of ice and snow, but also for removing snow from decks thus keeping patio doors accessible in case of an emergency.

Executive and directors re-acclaimed for 2011 were chairperson Chloe Ree, vice-chair Niel Rietema, secretary Jean Landry, treasurer Harold Eriksson, director Garritt Pikkert and newest director, Sherry Henderson, who replaced long-time board trustee Ena Boot, who moved away.