Durand seen as Small Town Hero

The Rimbey Volunteer Centre has nominated Ray Durand for the UFA Small Town Heroes award.

By Bromley Chamberlain

Small communities are not always given the spotlight they deserve, which is why the Rimbey Volunteer Centre nominated Ray Durand for the UFA Small Town Heroes award.

Paul Brandt, the country music singer from Calgary, is the UFA’s spokesperson, and will play a concert in the selected winner’s community.

“The winner also receives $2,500 that they can donate toward whatever community efforts they choose. It’s a way of recognizing all those community people who are in the small rural areas that are giving back, building and contributing and helping make these small towns great places to live,” said Lynn Ryan from the volunteer centre.

Durand regularly volunteers his time, and has helped other stakeholders build the Rimbey recycling depot that saves 160 tonnes of material and 10 tonnes of glass from landfills.

“It’s his special humor,” a press release read, “and wit that is often talked about. Many remember the special costumes he would parade around in for Pancake Day and also, as an Honorary Member of the Red hatters. With that kind of humor we can bridge the divide and bring people closer together, creating relationships that last a lifetime.”

If the community wishes to vote for Ray they can visit www.smalltownheroes.ca before Sept. 8.