The Rimbey FCSS coffee crew at the first Rimbey FCSS community coffee at the Grand Hotel in January, 2022. (Leah Bousfield/RIMBEY REVIEW)

The Rimbey FCSS coffee crew at the first Rimbey FCSS community coffee at the Grand Hotel in January, 2022. (Leah Bousfield/RIMBEY REVIEW)

FCSS wants to treat you to coffee

A way to celebrate 40 years with the community of Rimbey

Last month’s FCSS coffee morning was a great way to kick off Rimbey FCSS’s 40th year serving the Rimbey area and it’s residents.

Throughout the morning of Jan. 11, 2022 the Grand Hotel and Rimbey FCSS was busy with a steady stream of residents that stopped in for a cup of coffee and a chat. The idea for the coffee dates came out as a way to talk about the programs that Rimbey FCSS offers and celebrate their 40th anniversary with the community.

“Our goal is to encourage folks to join in and enjoy a free coffee on FCSS and chat about our community services as we celebrate our 40th anniversary in the Rimbey area,” said Peggy Makofka executive director of Rimbey FCSS. “We asked if they knew much about FCSS and most of them sort of had an idea. We discussed aging, health, poverty, home care, volunteers, food bank, getting help to stay at home but they all said, “well we would just call FCSS if we needed or wanted to know something”.”

“They opened at 6 a.m. and about six regular fellows were there first thing. Myself and FCSS board member Irene Steeves stayed until nine and saw about 20 people in that time frame,” said Makofka.

The coffee dates are also a way for those who attend to interact with others in Rimbey, and feel a little less alone in a time where it’s hard to get out and socialize like we used to.

“We know that communities that have safe and welcoming spaces for people to interact help people to feel accepted and included. This feeling of being a part of the community is crucial to our feeling of being cared about and provides peaceful feelings and contentment in our lives. Having a friend or people that care about us can improve our mental health and physical health.”

“The coffee gang mostly know each other already and share a friendly banter about the weather, farming, calving, their vehicles, and lots of joking and teasing each other. We asked them about how important having a friend or neighbour to enjoy coffee with is for them. They all value this social support and admit that Covid has been a struggle and could be lonely if they couldn’t get together and share stories,” said Makofka.

Makofka said that she knows a lot of the people who frequent the Grand Hotel. “They are a great bunch of story tellers each with their own spin on politics, the weather and when to plant their crops, but I better not tell any stories in them.”

Anyone is invited to come down for the coffee dates.

“The FCSS coffee campaign is open to everyone, in small towns all over there are many places where friends and neighbours gather to socialize. Being a part of group and having that connection to community is so important to many people.”

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