Full house for volunteer celebration held at community centre

The volunteer celebration night, held at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre April 13.

Viola Schneider chats with volunteer services coordinator

Viola Schneider chats with volunteer services coordinator

The volunteer celebration night, held at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre April 13, featured a great mix of good food, excellent company, government officials, entertainment and, of course, volunteers.

Volunteers were truly the highlight of the evening, and table after table was soon filled with these individuals who took time to be come and enjoy a delicious meal and be recognized for a job well done.

“We were very happy with the response from the community,” said Katherine Winters, volunteer services coordinator for Rimbey FCSS.

The master of ceremonies for the evening was Ponoka County Reeve Paul McLauchlin who greeted volunteers for the 17th annual volunteer dinner, noting these individuals truly are “the glue that keeps the community together.”

Guest speaker Blaine Calkins congratulated the volunteers, noting his grandmother, Bessie Calkins was a wonderful example of a volunteer.

He also commended former hockey and ball coaches and cadet leaders who had provided support and encouragement to him while he was growing up.

“Volunteers are paid in smiles and appreciation,” he said.

MLA Joe Anglin said volunteers humble him.

“Congratulations. This is your night,” he said.

McLaughlin read a letter from Lynn Gray, Alberta Health Services, volunteer resources manager who sent her regrets at not being able to attend.

She said Rimbey is lucky to have such outstanding, dedicated volunteers.

“Volunteers reach out to so many groups and organizations helping others in an altruistic manner. You are to be commended for sharing your time, talent, knowledge and enthusiasm and for making Rimbey such a great place to live. No matter what role or roles you perform you are a valued member of our health care team.”

In her letter, Gray gave special recognition to Laine Dahms, AHS coordinator for volunteer resources in Rimbey, for her dedication and commitment to ensuring volunteers are engaged, challenged and provided a rewarding volunteer experience.

She also thanked the organizing committee for their work throughout the year to make the event possible.

“Your collaborative efforts to hosting a community wide event are something that other communities in our central zone are catching on to, as they see the success that Rimbey has accomplished over the years.”

The Rimbey gymnastics club enter- tained later and The Forget-Me-Nots, Ev Prins and Bruce Tona, provided musical entertainment.