Gull Lake North Citizens on Patrol make donation to DARE program

Gull Lake North Citizens On Patrol (GLNCOP) is a group of volunteers who have been specially trained to serve

Dolores Green

Dolores Green


Gull Lake North Citizens On Patrol (GLNCOP) is a group of volunteers who have been specially trained to serve as the eyes and ears for the Rimbey RCMP in the Gull Lake North area.  Formed in 2002, our members work in pairs to actively patrol our lake neighbourhoods in our own vehicles, and notify the Rimbey RCMP should we spot any suspicious activity.  While our focus is on the lake neighbourhoods of Sunnyside, Poulsen’s Pasture, Poulsen’s Estates, Parkland Beach, Birch Bay, Birch Meadows, Westlake Estates and Twin Creek Acres, it should be noted that we have on occasion assisted the RCMP with activities in the town of Rimbey as well.

GLNCOP is a non-profit organization, and while we do occasionally receive private donations, our operating expenses are covered through one major yearly fundraising event.  We accept donations of items from people in the areas we patrol as well folks from all around the lake and Rimbey, and then sell everything at a massive garage sale held each spring at Johnson’s Farm.  The support and popularity of this event has been steadily growing, and this year’s sale proved to be our best ever.

Through GLNCOP’s ongoing liaison with the RCMP, we have become aware of Rimbey and area’s growing problems with drugs along with the rise in various crimes directly related to this issue.  The Drug Awareness Resistance Education (DARE) program has been conducted by the Rimbey RCMP for many years in Rimbey schools.  This program focuses on educating young students about what drugs are, what they look like and their effects.  It further provides an opportunity for RCMP officers to interact directly with students in their own school classrooms.

Our group’s mandate encourages support of programs and initiatives conducted by our local police authority that develop awareness of crime and crime prevention.  This year’s GLNCOP donation of $500 to the DARE program follows an initial similar donation made in 2010.