Hort group busy with summer activities

The Rimbey and Dis- trict Horticulture Group have organized three public summer events this year.

The Rimbey and District Horticulture Group have organized three public summer events this year.

The first of these was Rhubarb Day held at the Farmer’s Market in Rimbey on June 6.

Every thing was rhubarb.

This annual event began 20 years ago and resulted in the RDHG gathering rhubarb recipes and producing a cookbook called “Treasures from the rhubarb patch.”

Copies may still be available.

The next event will be held on July 25 at Pas Ka Po Park on Market day. This is the Rose and Lilly show. This one proves a bit of a challenge. We have held the event outside, but judging was difficult. We tried to hold it in a tent and in the schoolhouse but there was limited space to display the exhibits. When we held it outside the wind blew the exhibits over.

The objective of this event is to demonstrate the variety and quality of roses and lilies that can be grown in this area. Stay tuned for more information.

The third and last event of the summer is the Horticulture and Bench show. The term ‘Bench Show’ refers to the handicrafts, baking, preserves, kids exhibits, photography, etc. This was added to the Show in 1972. This year the RDHG is putting effort into encouraging youth to participate. Check out page 23 in the 2015 Show book. The book is now available. Phone Maryanne M. ( 403 785 7135) or Gail H. (403 843 2539) This event takes place on Aug.14 and 15.

There is such a short growing season in this area and the weather is unpredictable. We applaud all those who strive to keep their yards and gardens beautiful and encourage you to participate in this show.