Horticulture Show attracts good number of participants

The Rimbey & District Horticulture and Bench Show offered a potpourri of categories and anyone who dropped by to check out the array

Abigal Lamparter holds up her winning picture.

Abigal Lamparter holds up her winning picture.

The Rimbey & District Horticulture and Bench Show offered a potpourri of categories and anyone who dropped by to check out the array of exhibits was not disappointed.

The show, held Aug. 17 at the Rimbey Drop In Centre was the culmination of the hard work and talent of more than 600 entrants.

“It was a very good show,” said Gail Hood, chairman of the Rimbey & District Horticultural Club. Entrants were down from last year overall, although they were up in the cut flower and potted plant category. They were down in the vegetables and gladiola arrangements.

Lilly Ecker won best of show in the handicrafts category with her delicate crocheted tablecloth. The tablecloth has butterflies and flowers etched in the crocheted work and is truly a masterpiece.

Ecker said it took her more than three weeks to prepare the pattern on graph paper and several weeks to crotchet it.

She won a first place ribbon last year with a round crocheted tablecloth.

Crocheting and entering handicrafts at fairs is a legacy handed down to her from her late mother, Rose Andrews. Ecker has a picture of her mother with a crocheted bedspread that she won a first place ribbon with in the Bentley show.

Lucy Betlamini won best of show in the culinary category that includes baking, canning and cooking.

Betlamini, who ran the fair in Winfield for several years, is pleased with her win but doesn’t consider herself a good cook.

“I do enjoy canning,” she said. “I always have canned — lots of fruit and I also do beet pickles, bread and butter pickles and picked carrots. My granddaughter came over the other day and asked where those pickled carrots were.”

Elsie Giebelhaus won best of show in the vegetable category. She, too, is pleased with her win. “Our garden just went crazy this year. It was very bountiful.”

Giebelhaus said her cauliflower grew high but seemed to be all leaves. Finally she tore the outer leaves off and inside was a beautiful cauliflower.

“It’s a miracle, really.”

Other best of show winners were Diane Handford for photography; Kathy Sarson, herb collection; Holly Schwieger, most points in show, novice; Wayne Spink, best flower arrangement, (men only); Abigail Lamparter, most points in show (children’s category); Christine Hedges, best cut flowers and most points in show, senior; Norman Goetz, best of fruit; Alida Granson, most points in show, (youth); Joy Bruca, most points in show adult.

Bruca also won the Alberta Horticultural Rosette with 148 points and 68 entries.

The horticulture club operates under the umbrella of the Rimbey & District Agriculture Society.

The club offers a variety of opportunities to its members. Over the years, there have been speakers on various topics, luncheons, greenhouse and garden tours, seminars, plant swaps, info sharing, community services and education.

The club meets most months on the third Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Drop in Centre. Anyone interested in attending is welcome to call Gail Hood at 403-843-2539. New members are welcome.