Ladies Hospital Auxiliary funds new draperies, privacy curtains

With the membership looking on

With the membership looking on


Thanks to the dedicated work of the 19-member Ladies Hospital Auxiliary, residents of the Rimbey Hospital’s long-term care areas soon will to see some new draperies and privacy curtains.

“We raise money all year long for patient comforts and things that are not included in the budget,” said Mary Burrows auxiliary spokesperson. “These drapes have been hanging for many years and were in desperate need of being replaced, and we raise the funds through raffles, teas and bake sales. The hospital requested that they needed some funds for the new drapes and we presented them with a cheque today.”

With a price tag of $5,320, the ladies have been working hard to raise the necessary funds through various ventures.

“Our big fundraiser is in the spring when we have our annual raffle. We also have our Strawberry Tea, and in the fall around Halloween we usually host a tea featuring the harvest vegetables and fruit,” Burrows said. “We rely on the community for their support because some time or another, everyone in the community uses the hospital. They made the request to have the curtains replaced and we had some funds available.”

While the window drapes may still look good despite their age, the fact remains that after 20 or more years in the sun, they were bound to deteriorate.

“The draperies that are here now in the facility have been here since I first started working at the Rimbey Hospital, which is over 20 years ago, and they had been in place for some time before that,” said Karen Wilkie, manager of environmental services at the hospital. “On a regional or provincial perspective, we’re standardizing the draperies across the province and across each of the zones. We have already replaced a majority of the drapes and privacy curtains but had one continuing care area that had not been completed, so we made a request to the ladies auxiliary to purchase the curtains to complete the area.”

And while the 19 members of the auxiliary have completed yet another of their goals, they always have room for more and anyone considering joining is invited to contact Burrows at 403-843-2076.

“The new draperies will definitely enhance the surroundings for the residents in that area,” added Wilkie, who oversees housekeeping and laundry services at 10 regional hospitals from Drayton Valley to Didsbury. “It’s a wonderful thing. It’s major and will certainly brighten up the rooms as well.”