Lions want to serve Rimbey


A Rimbey service club believes it has been left outof the loop recently regarding council decisions and wants to see some changes.

Alex Waldron approached council at the April 13 meeting with the Lions Club’s concerns.

The Rimbey Lions have had the pleasure of a solid 65 years of working with the Town of Rimbey, even as councils and administrations have come and are now long gone.

“Our purpose here tonight is to remind this council to please remain open and communicative with the Rimbey Lions,” Waldron said. “In the last few months, we don’t feel confident that this is the case.”

Waldron said the Lions Club is worried that its Project 84 recycle depot might be dropped by council.

“Would the 300-plus volunteer hours every month, tirelessly given by dedicated lions and volunteers for 26 years, still be needed or even required? Are we going to be duplicating the activities of the town?

Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson said the town did not intend to undermine the Lions when they made the decision to go with the blue bag program.

“We weren’t intending to step on toes,” he said.

“We put out the tenders and we found we were able to continue the regular garbage pickup and add on the blue bag program for the same cost. It was never the intention to deprive the Lions, (of the work they do) but with this new program we are able to divert tonnes of recyclables from the landfill site.”

Following the meeting, Ibbotson said the Lions Project 84 will continue as in the past.

“The town budget covers the cost of operational expenses on the building and residents are still able to bring their glass and paper to the facility,” he said.

Other issues of concern raised by Waldron were the future of the Lions Skateboard Park, the Lions Walking Trail and the proposed formation of a recreation board.

However, council clarified that one position on the recreation board has been set aside for a Lions member.

Ibbotson said later that issues such as the skateboard park and the walking trail could be brought the rec board.

“These issues will all be brought to the rec board, thereby opening the lines of communication and helping to resolve them in the best way possible for everyone involved.”

Working with council is important to the Lions, Waldron said.

“We need to get on the same page. Please keep your local Lions Club involved in your decisions and your activities that represent or reflect upon our 65 years of service to this community, as well as in future projects in which we may be of assistance. We are here to serve your offices and our community with continued passion and dedication.”

Ibbotson agreed the Lions have made valuable contributions to the community.

“They truly have made a positive difference in our community.”