Pas-Ka-Poo Park adds campground for visitors

Pas-Ka-Poo Park just keeps on growing.

By Adam Eisenbarth

Pas-Ka-Poo Park just keeps on growing.

The park has introduced a new campground, and park manager Cheryl Jones is excited about the improvement.

“I think it’s a good addition to the park. Some people come, and the park is so vast that sometimes you need to take two days to look at it all, so they can stay overnight.”

Park administrator Cheryl Scheie says the park didn’t have a problem with people staying overnight in the parking lot in past years, but wanted to make a more formal area for campers. “They did come here and use it like a Wal-Mart but this is just a bit more of a secured area.”

It is a basic campground with picnic benches. There are no hookups for RVs, but with so much to see and do at the park, it should be well used.

“It all turned out very good. The stalls are all marked and ready. We got a donation of the picnic tables from the parks department. It’s proving itself already. We have some bookings already confirmed for Art in the Park,” says Scheie. Volunteers, many of whom were from the Rimbey Historical Society, made the project possible.

The campground hasn’t been the only recent upgrade to the area. Jones says the park is always improving.

“There’s vast improvements to the park. We have our tractor museum up and running, that was built last year with vintage tractors of various makes and models. We have a railroad museum now that the volunteers built for us last year as well. It houses a handcart.”

The continual changes help to keep visitors coming back to the park.

“When we have a lot of items donated, then of course we need to make room for them and change around the displays. It makes it fun for the people who have come here more than once. It’s not the same thing they’re seeing every time.”

The campground will be put to use through the winter as well as the area will be used for RV storage. “We want to make sure that we utilize the space all year.”

The 19-stall campground will be a safe place for winter storage, adds Jones. “The area is fenced and park security is out seven days a week.”

Until then of course, the campground is a perfect place to park the RV for the weekend if you’re looking to enjoy Pas-Ka-Poo Park this summer.