(Photo courtesy of Leah Bousfield/Rimbey Review)

(Photo courtesy of Leah Bousfield/Rimbey Review)

Ray Durand wins bronze in Community Hero category

Ray Durand has owned the Esso gas station in Rimbey since 1966 and he has dedicated his time and energy as a volunteer for decades.

Durand has volunteered with the Rimbey Lions Club since 1971, just a few short years after moving to town.

“It’s a good town and I like to give a little back,” he said of volunteering. “We raised our family here and I figured a little input from me would maybe make things better.”

Durand said he spends a lot of his time at The Nesting Place, the campground operated by the Lions Club.

“I was flabbergasted,” he said of being nominated as a Community Hero. “I didn’t think what I did was that important. I mean, it is important, but I’m not the only one that volunteers in town.”

Durand said that at 88 years old, he’s still going strong.

“I’m blessed with good health and a fair amount of energy, so I can’t just sit around,” he said. “I enjoy what I’m doing. I open the service station at 5:30 and I leave there at 10, and that’s when I go to the campground.”

When it comes to his time with the Rimbey Lions Club, Durand said, “I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. They’re good people and we do a lot of work, but we also have quite a bit of fun as well.”

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