Jesse van Velsen

Jesse van Velsen

Reflections of Grade 9 mission trip

Thank you so much for all of you who supported our recent mission trip to Bucerias Mexico.

By Johanna van Velsen

Thank you so much for all of you who supported our recent mission trip to Bucerias Mexico.

Grade 9 students and parents from Rimbey Christian School and our leaders from Withrow Gospel Mission had an opportunity to work together with LaFuente Ministries.

It has been a blessing to us to see what God is doing in their lives. The enthusiasm and joy in their worship is contagious.Their reliance on prayer and see answered prayers is humbling. Their thankfulness for all they have been given would put us to shame.

LFM is a church planting organization that would like to establish living effective churches in Mexico and throughout the world.

The church in Bucerias has four of those satellite churches in various stages of development: Punta de Mita, Santa Fe,Higuera Blanca and Bia Dorado. We were able to help out with their Saturday morning missions, did some painting and general clean up. Most of our work was done at Higuera Blanca which was in need of a concrete floor. Upon arrival they hada gravel pad with a metal frame covered with a tarp for their church services. While we were there mainly the guys worked on preparing the site so the floor could be poured the day before we left.

One of our highlights was the reconstruction of Eric and Isabella’s home. Isabella has been faithfully serving at the church with outreach and Sunday school. Therefore her family got chosen for a Mexican home make over. Their place was no bigger than 12’ x30’, no walls were touching each other. Some of the roof tile were missing and the rest of the roof was supported by an I beam supported by cinderblocks stacked on top of a non-working fridge. The family of four shared a queen size bed. When we began their belongings got stored at Isabella father’s house next door, the roof came off and it was all business to rebuild the walls. All mortar had to be mixed by hand and carried inside in five gallon pails. The next day we were planning to do the floor with the help of a cement mixer but unfortunately that didn’t start so it had to be mixed by hand as well. When everything was said and done they had a complete roof and walls, a new floor, a table and four chairs. Bunk beds and a front door are on order.

Another highlight was our trip to Mascota, a rustic town of 12,000 two hours inland in the mountains. Mascota does not have a church besides the massive Catholic Church at the town square. After hurricane Patricia hit last October, Mascota and surroundings had a lot of damage and had asked LFM to help with the cleanup and the possibility of planting a new church. We were helping by building connections by painting a local school. We handed out shoes, clothing and toques because it is pretty cold there in the mountains. After completing the job we were introduced to some local people. One oft hem was a farmer who happened to have his 86th birthday. Pastor Fredy was able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with him and he invited Jesus in his heart! Afterwards the farmer shared with Pastor Fredy that he had had a vision many years ago that a group of people would come and explain the Gospel to him.

We came to Mexico with the idea to bless these people which we did, but we got so much more in return that is really hard to describe.

It is our prayer that many more will have the opportunity to serve in missions. Although the plans have not been finalized yet, pastor Fredy and his wife Michelle might be coming to Canada mid-June to speak at Withrow Gospel Mission and/or the school.

If you would like more information or like to get involved please do not hesitate to contact us.