Darrel and Saskia Delaronde

Darrel and Saskia Delaronde

Return performance by Great Plains to Bentley

The Great Plains made a return engagement after almost a year to the Bentley community hall on April 18.

The Great Plains made a return engagement after almost a year to the Bentley community hall on April 18. Only around 50 people were in attendance but a few of their fans even traveled from Calgary to attend.

The two-person touring act with the musical, vocal, and story telling talents of Darrel and Saskia Delaronde from Courtenay, B.C. is toted as an easy, crowd-friendly style of folk concert with Celtic bluegrass, country, and European flavors mixed in; true Canadiana.

They played and sang what they said were old and new for both the audience and for themselves. Some songs have a touch of gospel, some tell stories of prairie life, or family, or growing up, and other experiences with titles like Cabin Fever, Prairie Elevator, There is a Bear, Walking Shoes, Grandma’s Quilt, Leave the Porchlight On, Everybody Loves at Train, Bluebird Trail, and many more.

“We love the old halls and hope they never disappear. Some are not used any more but they sound so good,” said Saskia, referring to the acoustics in halls that had once been built for dances and musical entertainment.

During intermission volunteer hall board members offered home baking of blueberry cheesecake which sold out fast, blueberry and cranberry muffins, pumpkin pie or lemon loaf, and coffee, tea, water, and pop.

The two who meld so well together have been touring Canada for a number of years, and even touring Western Europe. Darrell, the blues-rock guitar playing Métis, is from Saskatchewan.

The Dutch-born Saskia, folk-roots singer-songwriter, dedicated one song to Linda Ronstadt who has Parkinson’s who she said has been her inspiration along with Dolly Parton.

In closing she said, “We want to thank everyone for being here. We want you to know how important it is to buy a ticket to live entertainment. Without your support we couldn’t live our dream.”

They had CD’s for sale.

The three flowering door prizes were won by June Norvila, Sarah von Tettenborn, and Val Anderson.

For more information about the Bentley Community Hall or to book it call 403-396-8773 or 403-748-3835.