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Rimbey 4-H Club holds virtual public speaking event

Club members submitted their speeches and performances in video format for judging this year.

The Rimbey 4-H Club held their annual public speaking event virtually this year. Club members were to record their speeches via video and submit them for judging.

“Our Club chose to submit speeches written and performed as they always have so it still felt like our regular event and they didn’t lose practice for next year,” says Assistant Leader, Cassidy Thebeau. “I know several of our Senior members in their last years or close to aging out of the program were disappointed they could not do their speeches in person- we even had a member choose this as their topic.”

However, not all members were disappointed by the online format. Thebeau says that a few members were even excited by the prospect of not having to stand in front of a crowd and perform their speeches in public.

With the change to the public speaking format this year, 4-H Alberta cancelled additional competition levels including zones, districts and regionals. However, if members were interested they could submit their speech for competition at the provincial level, an opportunity that 4-H Alberta opened for the first time this year.

Thebeau says that the regulations surrounding the club’s public speaking competition this year remained the same as previous years despite being virtual.

“We tried to keep our virtual event as “normal” as we could for the members so that meant time limits, expectations and deadlines and such were all the same as they would have been if the event had been held in person,” says Thebeau. “We have several new members and wanted to make sure they know the procedures for speeches despite us not being able to meet!”

This years winners in the four categories and their speech topics were:

Cleaver kids (ages six to eight):

• First place- Aevyn Giesbrecht; Title- Her puppy Charlie;

• Second place- Charlie Pletz; Title: Her Pet Calf Julio;

• Third place- Henry Anderson; Title: LEGO;

Junior Members (ages nine- 11):

• First place- Emily Giesbrecht; Title: Nutrition and Digestion in Cattle;

• Second place- Laci Hofmann; Title: Majestic Elk;

• Third place- Kayden Hofmann; Title: Coyote Nature;

Intermediate Members (ages 12-15):

• First place- Sierra Brand; Title: Determined to Succeed; Topic: Amberly Snyder- Inspirational Equestrian

• Second place- Keelie Portiek; Title: Why I Love Baking

• Third place- Cali Hofmann; Title: The Blessings of Milk

Senior Members ( ages 16-21)

• First place- Jenna Simpson; Title: What I Love Or What Pays? Topic: Profit versus Passion and her decision on post secondary school

• Second place- Jordyn Valstar; Title: If You Like Pina Coladas; Topic: Healthy and Unhealthy ways to Escape Reality

• Third place- Erin Simposn; Title: The Switch; Topic: Transitioning College and University to online School during COVID-19

“We are so incredibly proud of our members and their achievements with their speeches this year,” says Thebeau.