Rimbey 4-H year in review

Our 2021 year was interesting to say the least.

We started off the year in COVID restrictions so that limited our club activities and meetings to online only. In February we were supposed host public speaking for both our club and zones but with the restrictions we held our club public speaking virtually and zone public speaking was cancelled for the year. Our members and judges did very well with the last-minute changes that we had to make.

Our members were busy when it snowed with the shoveling of the Beatty house sidewalks for our community service activities. March and April were quiet for club activities as we were still in COVID restrictions. In April we were gearing up for our show and sale with our projects. We did not know what that was going to be as of the end of April.

In May we got the go ahead that we can have club shows with provisions in place so last minute our members and leaders pulled a miracle, and we were able to have our club show at Valstars farm. Although the weather did not cooperate with us that day, as it was a very rainy day the members made the most of the day and were excited to get together after a long time apart. The first weekend in May we had our highway clean-up as we do every year, unfortunately it was limited to families only, which meant more work for our members!

We eventually got around to our interclub sale and although we were not able to get together, we dropped the steers and female projects off at VJV Auction Mart, had a judge come around and streamed on Facebooked live for everyone to see. When sale time came around all the members watched their steers sell through VJV Auction Mart. The 2020-2021 4-H year came to an end and members went on to enjoy their summer.

In July we were able to go to the lockdown escape rooms together and we got together for a BBQ and awards afternoon. Soon enough September arrived, and the 2021-2022 year creeped up on us quick. Our weigh in for our projects was in October and all the members have fantastic steers to kick off our new year. For the new year we have thirty-one members and four cleavers, new and existing leaders all excited to be able to have close to a normal year. We were able to have our first and second meeting in person.

In December we had our Christmas party with games and a fun gift exchange for all the members. This winter we are still shoveling the Beaty house for our community service and are more then excited to have a great year and be able to be out in our community and together once again!

Marlee Jaffray, Club President