Rimbey Drop-In Centre looks for new members

The Rimbey and District Drop-In Centre highlighted its amenities during Seniors Week.

By Adam Eisenbarth

The Rimbey and District Drop-In Centre highlighted its amenities during Seniors Week.

The building has been around since 2006 and seniors are putting it to good use with all sorts of activities, from billiards to dancing, carpet bowling to cards, and seemingly the most popular, floor curling.

Seniors Week was celebrated last week across Canada and in Rimbey, the Drop-In Centre celebrated with presentations and activities.

“We had a pancake breakfast on Monday morning, it was quite well attended, (Tuesday) we had a number of presentations,” said president Doreen Glanfield.

Presentations covered a variety of topics, from medicine, government senior benefits, Red Cross disaster relief, to using a defibrillator.

The week’s events also included meals and an evening to honour the volunteers who support the Drop-In Centre.

“We served lunch and had an appreciation supper here. That was for a band that plays here called the Jammers. They play free of charge here on Tuesday nights and people come from all over to dance and donate. It’s one of our better fundraisers.”

Glanfield says the night wasn’t just for the Jammers, but for all volunteers who have helped make the Drop-In Centre a success.

“We have a lot of volunteers in this town that help out the Drop-In.”

Participants also helped out the community with donations made throughout the week.

“We don’t do much donating because we’re non-profit ourselves, but that’s what we do on Seniors Week and this time it’s going to the swimming pool.”

The fun and informative week was important to Glanfield.

“I think when we can bring (Seniors Week) to people’s attention and make a celebration out of it, they feel like you value them more.”

With community gatherings such as the Drop-In Centre, seniors are beginning to change their attitudes.

“I think there was a time when seniors kind of felt like, ‘We’re old, we don’t do anything, we just do our own little thing.’ They weren’t part of a community,”

Places like the Drop-In Centre have contributed to that change and the activities have their benefits.

“It’s good for people’s health, maybe more for mental health than physical health.”

The variety of activities is always growing and now with 169 members, it truly is it’s own little community of people.

“It’s been my goal now since I’ve been here to use this place for more and more things. I think if I get one more new thing going in here every year, by the time I’m ready to quit this place will be really going. Well it is already.”

Gordon Mounteney has been a member at the Drop-In Centre for a year. “We really enjoy this Drop-In Centre, it’s excellent.”

Mounteney had some advice for seniors that may find it difficult to embrace their senior years.

“Come to some place like this, where you’ve got people in your age bracket that are active and you can see some of the thing you can do. You’ll find out that there’s going to be something here that you’ll enjoy.”

Memberships are available for anyone 55 and older at $10 a year.