Photo: From Official Rimbey Farmers Market Website

Rimbey Farmers’ Market an essential service and will continue to provide to locals

All outdoors Farmers’ Markets are listed as an essential service by the Government of Alberta

Albertans are welcomed to the outdoor Farmers’ Market in Rimbey. They opened on May 1 and will continue on to Oct. 9, 2021.

This year marks the 41 anniversary of the Farmers’ Markets, making it one of the longest running Farmer’s Markets in Alberta.

Gayle Rondeel, Rimbey Farmers’ Market manager, says locals can expect and enjoy, downtown Rimbey while shopping for their locally produced veggies.

“It never rains on a Saturday morning. You can expect just a beautiful morning of shopping at the Market,” said Rondeel.

The outdoors Farmers’ Market will not be impacted by any COVID-19 restrictions, according to Rondeel.

“The rules change regularly. So far Farmers’ Markets are considered an essential service. And, because we are an outdoors Farmer’s Market we don’t have a lot of the restrictions that we would have if we were indoors,” said Rondeel.

“Masks are not mandated because its outside but it’s highly suggested you wear a mask.”

Folks looking to venture out and explore a quality farmer’s market can find it in Rimbey, which has been been recognized twice by Alberta’s Farmers’ Market Association and featured as a model market by the University of Alberta.

The Rimbey Farmers’ Market has a variety of vendors, inlcuding those who sell veggies, local crafters, jams, pickles, candy, perogies, flowers, bedding plants and more.

It is everything you could want in a market, according to Rondeel.

Last year, the Rimbey Farmers’ Markets celebrated their 40th anniversary but was impacted by the pandemic. They had to get creative on their celebration plans.

“Last year, we still had a celebration of sorts. We had to modify it because of COVID-19. We initially were going to have a big party for the 40th anniversary and everything else and also make it part of our Father’s Day special.”

“Instead we ran 40 contest for 40 weeks. Then we would give the people 10 market bucks. We had to change it that way, last year.”

Rondell encourages Albertans to, “Come one down and enjoy our Farmers’ Market.”

The market is located at the Quality Inn at 5501 50 Ave. in Rimbey and runs every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m, from May 1 to Oct. 9.