Rimbey Lions Club activities in review

The Rimbey Lions Club has had an interesting, lively and very satisfying year. We have given many donations to very worthy projects such as the new extension to the Rimbey Lions Walking trail. The Evergreen section was completed and is being used by school children and adults alike, as well as casual walkers.

The Rimbey Library received the initial donation for the Library expansion and over the next several years the balance of the commitment will be fulfilled.

A Casino was sponsored and with the help of the Central Alberta Raceways members the funds raised went to the Raceways for upgrades to equipment.

Covid 19 has placed a great strain on community residents and businesses and the Rimbey Lions have pledged to not canvas for fundraising purposes at this time. The Rimbey Lions members have worked diligently with Evergreen Cooperative at two Food Bank projects.

A very popular Late shopping event saw the members cooking and serving hotdogs and hot chocolate and candy canes to shoppers, walkers and visitors while Mr and Mrs Santa Claus made the rounds on the horse drawn hay rack.

Some other organizations and residents that have been helped by the Rimbey Lions Club during this time period are:

Lions Legacy School Scholarships, West Country Outreach School Scholarships, Rimbey Hospital, Medicine Lodge Ski Area, Delivery of several Pancake Meals from The United Church, Supplying candy and drink packages for the Halloween Trek parties, Monetary sponsoring of Movie Night for the Rimbey Library, Rimbey Boys and Girls clubs and Rimbey Big Brothers, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Stars Ambulance, Camp He Ho Ha, Western Blind Curlers, Cavalcade for Diabetes, Eyeglass and can tab collections, Hosted a few Bars and Celebrations for weddings, provided immediate emergency donations to homeowners who had the misfortunate of a house fire.

The Nesting Place Campground has continued to be a great project for the Rimbey Lions Club this year and had many campers each week as well as for local ball tournaments held nearby. The Campground received many accolades each year and is an excellent place to just go and camp and enjoy the quiet atmosphere or maybe a stroll on the Rimbey Lions Walking Trails. The Rimbey Lions Club continues to work alongside the Rimbey Soccer Club helping to cut the grass. In return that club assisted in the Highway Cleanup for the area the Rimbey Lions Club is assigned.

During the above timeframe the Rimbey Lions Club donated funds for projects in excess of a total of $154,000.

The members of the Rimbey Lions Club are excited to get back to the community projects and events. One such event is singing Christmas carols at the Rimbey Hospital on Christmas mornings. The Rimbey Lions have only missed approximately three Christmas mornings in the 76 years of their existence. Hopefully Covid 19 will be more cooperative in the New Year.

Thank you to the Residents and Businesses in the Rimbey Town and District and we hope all will have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year in 2022.

W. E. Ted Jamieson