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Rimbey talent graces Rosebud stage

By Jasmine Franklin

It feels a lot like Christmas at the Rosebud Theatre as the production of Christmas in Wales spreads the message of family and love until Dec. 23.

Two Rimbey actresses are using their talents to showcase what Christmas is really all about.

Rachel Peacock, 25, and Alysa van Haastert, 20, will light up the stage in the final two weeks in the production based on Dylan Thomas’s short story, A Child’s Christmas in Wales. The play captures the essence of family at Christmas doing simple things such as telling stories, eating too much and enjoying each other’s presence.

“It’s like a live action Christmas card,” said Brad G. Graham, stage manager. “It’s like a snowflake, always changing, but mostly just focusing and spending a lot of time talking and being together with family, even if they have nothing to do.”

Peacock plays the role of a Welsh Faerie who watches the family and occasionally interacts. During her performance, the actress plays the Celtic harp, flute and recorder.

“Fun and loving relationships are established throughout this story,” Peacock said. “It captures the spirit of Christmas and how people actually are. It explains family and just relaxing while being around a group of people.”

Van Haastert takes on the role of Aunt Bessie, who she says is hard to explain. The actress and singer urges Rimbey and area residents to come and see Rosebud even if you can’t come view this particular production, she said it’s a must to come check out the theatre’s work.

“This piece reminds me of my family at Christmas,” van Haastert said. “It’s very heartwarming.”

Peacock graduated Rosebud in 2008 with her major in dramatic arts. Students there are challenged with diverse duties such as directing and writing. She is on contract with the theatre and has continued to work at the school since graduating.

“It’s nice to finally work with the students after they’re really ready to shine,” Graham said.

Van Haastert is in her third year at the school, majoring in acting. Students learn about different periods in theatre, script analysis and work one on one with acting coaches on monologues.

The theatre also offers a tech program where lighting, set design and building are the focus.

The production runs for seven weeks with 49 shows. Matinees are Wednesdays and two shows run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The nine cast members put on a spectacular show, Graham said. “The talent is just incredible.”

For tickets call 1-800-267-7553 or for more information visit

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