SADD groups promote message


By Treena Mielke

Rimbey Junior/Senior High School SADD group is glad they are celebrating five years of being in operation, but they are even gladder that there has been no drunk driving death in town in five years.

To celebrate, the Students Against Drinking and Driving group marched to the Rimbey Co-op last Thursday where they sold T-shirts and goodies.

Shawna Murdoch, the teacher in charge of SADD, said the group is positive and active. “They are doing something positive for sure.”

Earlier in the week, West Country Outreach School did its part to promote SADD.

The group went about town leaving messages in chalk on the sidewalk reminding people of the importance of not driving after drinking.

They even drew outlines of their own bodies portraying a person killed because of a drunk driver.

The group of teens appeared to enjoy their task, but were obviously serious about the message of the deadly effects of drinking and driving.

Alexis Stewart said promoting the message of ‘don’t drink and drive’ is especially important to her.

“There are so many people killed with drinking and driving. It’s even affected my family and I would like it to stop. We’re trying to get teenagers to stop drinking and driving, too.”

David Robertson, SADD Advisor for West Country Outreach School, is pleased with the students’ enthusiasm and participation. “It is a great program.”

Robertson said students have plans to host a SADD fundraising barbecue at the Co-op and attend a SADD conference in Edmonton next year.