Town to run recycle centre


In keeping with council’s commitment to make Rimbey a ‘green community,’ the transfer station, previously used for garbage disposal, is to be converted to a recycle centre and will be manned by a town employee.

There will be no charge to use the recycle depot.

Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson said recycling was a huge issue during the election campaign.

“It was obviously important to people and we want to show that we are committed to being a green town.”

He said the recycle depot reflects Rimbey Lions Club commitment to recycling made when the club began Project 84, which allowed for the collection of some recyclable materials.

“They were on the leading edge at that time and we are just following in their footsteps.”

The recycle depot is to open April 5. Its hours of operation will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.

Ibbotson said concrete now at the site will be crushed and used by the town for appropriate projects as a cost-saving measure.

He said weed control will also be used at the site.

Materials such as concrete, asphalt, wood waste (restrictions on treated or painted wood will apply) may be taken to the recycle depot. Metal including siding, pipe and storage sheds will be accepted.

Ozone-depleting refrigerant waste must first be removed from used appliances.

Landscape waste, cardboard and tires will also be accepted.

Other items such as mattresses or couches must be taken to the Bluffton landfill site.