Wayne Thompson

Wayne Thompson

Volunteerism alive and well in the community of Rimbey

The contingent of volunteers in Rimbey is truly an asset to the town.

The contingent of volunteers in Rimbey is truly an asset to the town and all those individuals who give willingly of their time and expertise deserve recognition.

Katherine Winters, volunteer services co-ordinator for Rimbey FCSS said she is grateful for the many vol- unteers who step forward to help out whenever and wherever they can.

“We have about 160 volunteers,” she said. “Some come only once a year to help out and others come every week. I can schedule whatever time works for everyone, so those who don’t have as much time to volunteer can still be involved.”

However, Winters noted many of the volunteers are seniors and younger people are needed to step up to the plate to fill their shoes.

“We need to get the youth involved and rejuvenate our volunteers,” she said. Anyone who wishes to volunteer may go on the Rimbey FCSS website at RFCSS.com and check out various links. There is also a welcome package delivered to newcomers to town that provides information about non-profit groups who are always looking for volunteers.

Annette Peck, program director for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Club in Rimbey speaks highly of the volunteers who help out with that program.

“Our programs wouldn’t exist without our volunteers, we owe everything to them,” she said.

She noted that people are busy.

“Time has become such a precious resource that many can only give an hour of their time a week. That works perfectly for our in-school mentoring program, allowing them to make a huge difference in one child’s life. Reading, baking, playing games and talking become ways to connect and close friendships are quickly formed,” she said.

Those who can spare a couple of hours become traditional mentors or help out with the Terrific Tuesdays or Mid-Week Mash-Up teen drop in program, she added.

“We are always on the lookout for more mentors but at the same time are so fortunate that we have such a generous community of volunteers very committed to making Rimbey a better place.”

Ethel Walker has volunteered at the long-term care at the hospital for too many years to count, she said.

“It’s something different. I enjoy being involved in the community.”

Joyce Tona plays the piano for the church service held at the long-term care facility. She has also volunteered for many years. As well as volunteering at the long term care, she is the music coordinator at St. Margaret’s Church in Rim- bey and is a member of the Rimbey Lions Club.

“I love it,” she said. “It gets me out and I just enjoy helping whenever I can.”

Raymond Tschabold, another volunteer at long-term care said he began volunteering when he moved to town.

“I thought it was something I should do and I found out I enjoyed it.”

Wayne Thompson, who volunteers at Pas Ka Poo Park said he is interested in old trucks and tractors and was glad to help out.

“I find it quite rewarding,” he said.