Volunteers impromptu pitch-in to clean up Rimbey

On April 30, a call went out to residents of Rimbey to pitch in and clean up the community.

Spearheaded by resident Gayle Rondeel, who initiated a clean-up call by contacting several members of the community and asking them to join her as she picked up litter around the Rimbey tennis courts, swimming pool, parking lot, and the Seniors Drop-In Centre.

“Litter is a real concern in society. It detracts from tourism, contaminates crops, harms wildlife,” said Christine Fernie, one of the volunteers who took part in the clean-up.

She said that litter also endangers the lives of many motorcyclists every year.

“I have had several scary encounters with road debris when out riding on my motorcycle so I have experienced the threats first hand. Unlike a car, we only have two tires keeping us upright. I can’t imagine what a nightmare all the plastic and debris must be for the farmers pasturing animals or trying to plant and harvest crops.”

The group of volunteers picked up garbage for just under two hours and collect five large garbage bags.

“2022 is the Year of the Garden and we want to grow our community like we grow our gardens, with care and attention.”