Who is Viola Schneider?

Viola Schneider’s fingers are beautiful and determined much like her heart.

Viola Schneider

Viola Schneider

Viola Schneider’s fingers are beautiful and determined much like her heart.

For over 52 years as her strong delicate hands have touched piano keys, they have also touched the souls of thousands of Rimbey people celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, special events, and as we have said our final goodbyes to loved ones.

You’ve likely heard her music at some point in your life in Rimbey. What you may not have heard, is Viola’s quiet melody of kindness through volunteering in our community.

Now this melody is not a one hit wonder. This is a 40-year hit, composed of consistent, determined, thoughtful generosity. As a volunteer with the Rimbey United Church, Rimbey & District Old Timers Association, Rimbey Community Home Help Services and Rimbey Family & Community Support Services, Viola has made a tangible difference in the lives of thousands.

She has brought health and happiness to seniors. She has brought nourishment and aid to those in need. She has brought insight and knowledge to the Board of Directors of Rimbey Community Home Help Services and Family & Community Health Services.

She has packed food hampers, helped new parents, consoled those in distress, guided children and has gently held the hands of the lonely. This is a woman of great compassion, living amongst us, who has dedicated her time, her quick sharp mind and her immense heart to helping others.

Things aren’t very important to Viola. She doesn’t collect anything, except friends, who know her favorite colours are blue and pink. But we also happen to know that Viola Schneider has collected the deep respect of people whose lives have been improved directly, and indirectly, by the reach of this remarkable Rimbey woman.

Not surprising, is her firm belief that the greatest reward one can ever receive, is the feeling in your heart that you have made someone’s life a little better.

So who is Viola Schneider?

Well, if you are looking for a role model of giving back to your community, of living your life with kindness and generosity toward your fellow citizens, of being a thoughtful meaningful person, look no further than Viola Schneider. That’s who Viola Schneider is.

We’d like to call her Rimbey’s ‘Wonder Woman’ but she would be unabashedly embarrassed if we did, so we won’t.

The board of directors and personnel of Rimbey FCSS have been enlightened and guided by her insights, ideas and decades of dedication to others. We are honored to have known and served with Viola, who resigned as a Rimbey FCSS Director in May, leaving behind an organization that has been both provincially and nationally recognized as stellar in its provision of community service.

Viola’s favorite saying is “What a wonderful world we live in!”

“Well Viola, we think it’s a wonderful world because you are in it, right here amongst us, in Rimbey.”

Submitted on behalf of the staff and board of directors of Rimbey FCSS.