Who will be the ‘pinkest little town’?

(Left to right) Rusty Hurl

(Left to right) Rusty Hurl

By Jasmine Franklin, Ponoka News

The race trail ride is over, and now it’s a waiting game as Rimbey anticipates finding out if they are indeed the pinkest little town.

Beginning back in May, Rimbey literally began to paint the town pink. Why? Organizer Lynn Johnson decided it was high time the town got together for a good cause – a breast cancer Wagon trail ride fundraiser put on by Wild Pink yonder.

“It was a town affair,” Johnson said. “They needed to be involved and boy did they ever step-up.”

Rimbey raised $11,239.71 for Wild Pink Yonder, which will hand the money over to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Curbs, lightposts, buildings, the Agricultural Society sign, tires, even vehicles were all transformed into pink works of art and dedication during fundraising time.

“Everyday another business joined us,” Johnson said. “It was unreal.”

Jane Hurl, creator of Wild Pink Yonder, said Rimbey made an enormous impact.

“This town absolutely amazed us,” Mrs. Hurl said. “I think they will give the other competitors a run for their money.”

Wild Pink Yonder was created when Mrs. Hurl was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the system took great care of her, she needed to do something to give back.

A wagon trail ride hosted by Mrs. Hurl and her son, Rusty – who actually led the event after Mrs. Hurl had an accident and was unable to host it – raised money by riding through the towns. Participating towns and cities, then fundraised as much money as they can, and tried to create the “Pinkest Little Town” to win.

The prize to the pinkest town, and the most money raised is an outdoor country music concert and a sign that reads “Pinkest Little Town in the West.”

“This was our first year doing the ride, and because of the accident, it got cut down from 5 ½ weeks, to three weeks,” Mrs. Hurl said. “But next year we hope to be bigger and better.”

The ride ran from July 4 to 24, and covered 400 miles.

“There’s no such thing as a cure from cancer,” Mrs. Hurl said. “You live with a little black cloud over your head for the rest of your life. I want to give the chance for my nieces and other women to be able to live without that cloud.”

The announcement of who wins the ‘Pinkest Little Town’ title is expected later in the week.

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