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Yodel club gives free concert

About 14 members of the Wildrose Yodel Club from Central Alberta put on a special free concert

About 14 members of the Wildrose Yodel Club from Central Alberta put on a special free concert in the common room of the Westview Apartments complex recently.

They started with traditional Swiss songs and later, as a break from the regular pieces, broke into fun rock and roll tunes that both they and the appreciative audience really enjoyed as was evident from the big smiles and laughter.

After almost an hour-long concert, the group took a 15-minute intermission, joining everyone in a coffee break complete with doughnuts supplied by the Bentley Senior Citizen’s Housing Society. Some members sat at the jigsaw puzzle table and worked on it for a while, some getting the odd piece to fit. Then it was back to work and practice, practice, practice.

They did have to come without their director Leanne Oslund this year as she had a personal commitment being so close to Easter, but Urs Mueller and Heini Hehli kept things on track.

The Yodel Club normally practice at the Bentley School, which is almost midway for all the members to travel to, but the school was closed for spring break, so like last year, the Bentley Westview Apartments society provided them with free practice space.

The Wildrose Yodelers will be having a fundraiser Spring Fest in Rimbey on May 4 at the Rimbey Community Centre that includes a meal, a concert, and a dance. It is their major fundraiser to help with travelling and other expenses. It is usually sold out. This year’s special guest is The Little BIG Band from Calgary with the multi-talented vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Jana and Danny. They will offer a different style of singing to give both the audience and the yodel group a listening break.

The group has appeared and performed all over and has entered contests and gained acclaim across the world. It started up about 16 years ago. They welcome more members as younger members move on to university or other endeavors and are hard to replace. Some current members travel quite a ways just to practice and being a member takes a large commitment.

For information about the group call Urs at 403-738-2096 or Heini at 403-843-3408.