Young museum hostess enjoying move to Bentley

The Bentley Museum summer hostess this year says likes Bentley for a number of reasons.

Kacey Maerz

Kacey Maerz

The Bentley Museum summer hostess this year says likes Bentley for a number of reasons.

She moved to Bentley just a year ago and has just completed her Grade 10 at the Bentley school.

Kacey Maerz, 16, is halfway through her summer job and loving it.

Coming from Edmonton, Kacey says, “I like the time the teachers have to give individual help to students, the people in Bentley are great, you get to know everyone, and there is more freedom (in the small town atmosphere).”

She found out about the summer position through her step-mom, she applied, had an interview, and was selected for the position.

The job started at the end of June and will run through the September long weekend when she returns to school going into Grade 11.

Right now she is working on getting a float for the museum ready to be in the Aug. 9 parade, but has other duties at the museum as well including some lawn maintenance and meeting and greeting visitors. She has had someone from Arizona who had family homestead in the Bentley area visit, and finds going over pictures, including finding out the school janitor’s husband used to play goalie for the Bentley men’s hockey team, very interesting. Fashion changes over the years also interest her.

“It is neat to find out the history of the town you’re living in and to see all the old pictures,” she said. She especially mentioned finding out when the Bentley high school had burned down and been rebuilt.

“There will always be change,” she notes philosophically, “And it is interesting to see how times have changed.”

Her favorite subjects in school are math and English, and she admits she is not quite as good in math. She is considering a possible career in pharmacy but has no hard and fast plans yet.

“I like just hanging out with friends (which she says she can do because of the hours) and I like working on my own and making my own schedule (which she definitely has to do as the attendant at the museum).”

Kacey is eager to greet and help out all who drop by at the Bentley Museum. The summer hours are Wednesday through Sunday and Holiday Mondays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the museum closed on most Mondays and Tuesdays. Admission is always free, and there are lots of hands-on displays that Kacey notes is different than visiting a large museum.