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Bentley drama club may drop last curtain

As decided at an April 17 board  meeting, a well-advertised supposed reorganization meeting of the Bentley drama club “Caught In The Act” was called for May 11 in a last-ditch effort to find out what the local interest was.

Only six people showed up. That could spell the swan song for the group.

After a few years of successful productions, the last one in 2008, the club has become inactive and there seems to be a lack of commitment by anyone to take over the executive and management positions, so the club will be disbanded unless some people are found quickly.

“No one wants to take on the executive duties of the society, and you can’t run without that” agreed the standing executive at the meeting.

President Byron Reban agreed to stay on, but just for one more month, to see if interest could be generated.

“(The possibility is that) it could be revived again after a few years,” said current president Byron Reban, who is now too busy and not readily available to serve on the executive. “That doesn’t mean I am done with it. I would still like to be involved when I could, but I just can’t commit to being on the executive anymore.”

Treasurer Gail Wilson also agreed to stay for the time being. Wilson finds it hard to justify staying on if other people don’t seem to care and the group remains inactive.

“People ask when the group’s next production will be and some indicate they would be interested in being in the next show,” said Wilson, “but without executive it (the society) will fold.”

Vicky Day continues to be the secretary in the interim.

Unless there is a definite and immediate positive response the group will close down and give the funds they earned to other groups within the community such as the Bentley School Fine Arts Program, the community hall, and possibly some toward an appreciation supper.

Sets and props are currently in storage at the Bentley Community Hall —the venue used by the troupe for their past well received performances. The group also has access to a good new sound system.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in keeping “Caught In The Act” alive, please contact one of the executive immediately. Call Byron at (403)748-4838 for more information.

Interest need not be limited to Bentley, and is in fact invited to come from the broader area.