Bluffton wildlife artist featured at Lacombe Memorial Centre all month

(AJ McCoy)

This month the work of Alberta based, wildlife artist, A.J. McCoy will be on display at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.

McCoy, who lives on a farm near Bluffton, has been drawing since the age of three. She began entertaining herself by drawing various subjects, especially animals but her formal university studies were focused on nursing and medical illustration.

This is her first exhibition in Canada but she has been published multiple times with her artwork being showcased at Safari Club International, the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and by Game Conservation International. Her artwork also won the Silver Award of Excellence at the Whale Tail Wildlife Art Exhibition and Auction in Nairobi, Kenya for a painting of elephants. Her attention to detail, and life-like works have been exhibited alongside Robert Bateman in exhibitions across the United States, and her work has sold world wide.

McCoy has spent time living near Glacier and Yellowstone Park before moving to Canada. Living in the country and rural, secluded areas has offered up countless subjects for McCoy in their natural habitats. Using various mediums including hard pastels, oils, gauche, graphite and acrylics to depict these beloved and treasured animals.

In 1970, she and her husband moved to the Black Feet Indian Reservation in Montana. It was after the move that McCoy made the choice to give up nursing to pursue painting exclusively.