Buffoons holding auditions for play



A theatre group is ready to shake off the cobwebs of inactivity and begin auditioning for a new play.

The Baying Buffoons will hold auditions for a fall dinner theatre performance June 27 and 28 at the Rimbey Library at 7:30 p.m.

Kathy Pfau said the group is looking at performing the play On Golden Pond in October.

She said the Baying Buffoons have a long history in Rimbey. For several years they performed two plays a year, but their last production, Beau Jest, about family relationships, was in April 2010.

She said the group needs backstage people as well as actors and actresses.

Working with the Baying Buffoons Theatre Group is rewarding and challenging, but Pfau notes it does require a time commitment. Rehearsals are held twice a week for about three months.

While the plays ultimately result in success, finding the right people to fill the roles can be difficult.

“Sometimes it’s difficult, especially to find men,” she said.

The Baying Buffoons often perform comedies, but prefer not to do slapstick.

“We try to do comedies, but we don’t do slapstick and we don’t like to do anything that’s too dark.”

When a group is finally selected and the rehearsals begin, the process is rewarding, said Pfau.

Plays are usually held at the Rimbey Community Centre, although when the group performed Steel Magnolias the performances were held at the Beatty House.

Other plays performed by the Baying Baboons include Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap and Appointment with Death.

The proceeds from the fall dinner theatre will go to the Rimbey Library, which will work with the Baying Buffoons to make the production a success.

“It’s a good match,” said Pfau.