High hopes for Art in the Park

Art in the Park is set for July 10 and 11 at Pas-Ka-Poo Park and submissions are now open.

By Adam Eisenbarth

Organizers are hoping their new event makes its mark in the arts community this year.

Art in the Park is set for July 10 and 11 at Pas-Ka-Poo Park and submissions are now open. The event is anticipated to be a big production, with room for 70 to 100 artists.

About 30 applicants have entered already and Coun. Dave Karroll is looking to make the event a big one.

“We’ve been doing massive mailouts to the art community and all of the art clubs in the province.”

The hope is to create an annual event and he believes this year the art show can emerge as a leading event, much like the one in Lacombe.

“That’s one of the main art events in central Alberta. I think it even surpasses Red Deer’s event and it’s sort of a focal point and opportunity for artists and consumers to meet in a common spot.”

Establishing an event like this isn’t easy to stage and it will take the continued support of many in the arts community to make the weekend a success and propel it to an annual show.

“There’s all sorts of these things that come along over the years but whether they actually make it to turn into an event or not (is unknown.)”

The goals for the event aim high but with the hard work that has been put in, Karroll believes they can get there.

“(We want to) turn it into an annual event and to make it a high quality event, but inviting all comers. If you stay just in the art clubs it excludes hundreds of artists that won’t go through the club process.”

With part of the Smithson International Truck Museum being opened to hold some of the artists and other buildings in the area supporting the event with space as well, it should be a good opportunity for a wide variety of artists.

“We wanted to open it up to not just classic art disciplines but to various disciplines.”

Artists are also expected to have tables in the pavilion where the Farmers’ Market takes place. The event will not hold back the Farmers’ Market, but instead enhance it.

Wood carver Darren Jones will be the feature artist for the weekend. Jones’ variety of wood sculptures will be on display to highlight the event.

More information and registration forms are available through the rimbey.com