Holiday season gets ‘Scrooged up’



The holiday season is already ‘Scrooged Up’ at the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre.

With three performances over two days, the cast will be kicking off Christmas with ‘Scrooged Up!,’ a Homegrown Theatre Production Company performance.

The premise of the play is that the Hillsdale Community Theater wants to produce the well known holiday classic, ‘A Christmas Carol,’ but they don’t have enough actors to play the extraordinarily large number of parts.

Their undaunted director, being resourceful, if not totally realistic, has triple and quadruple-cast the roles. Since everyone in sight has been recruited, the cast also fills in as costumers, stagehands, and technicians. The impossibility of this situation brings tensions to a comical head as the final rehearsal invites one calamity after another.

Three shows run over the weekend, Nov. 26 and Nov. 27 at the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the Lacombe Performing Arts Centre or Mary C. Moore Library. Proof of vaccination will be required if attending the performance.