Blackfalds submitter adds voice to Rimbey Hospital controversy

Dear Editor:

I have been reading for the last several weeks the criticisms and derogatory comments about the staff at the Rimbey Hospital.

I will state this as plainly and simply as possible — suck it up and stop your whining!

As someone who has spent more time in hospital than just about anyone else in 52 years, I am speaking from experience. I have had broken bones to bullet holes and pretty much everything in between, in this country, and others.

My mother has been in and out of the Rimbey Hospital for the past 14 months. The people who change the beds, the doctors, the nurses, and all the staff there are the best. They are very professional, and have treated her with the most dignity and respect possible.

The next time you stop in there with your ankle in three pieces or your stomach feels like it is going to come out your bottom end, keep this in mind:

That doctor who “just went home” could have spent the last two hours of his shift consoling a young couple that just lost their first baby on his table.

That nurse who gave you some snippy comment may have just pulled another all-nighter cleaning up after your brother or sister, who presently is not capable of keeping their insides, inside.

Please keep in mind that the nurses, doctors and all the people who keep patients at the Rimbey Hospital — and all hospitals — cleaned and fed, are people just like you and me.

Do not be judgmental and give them the respect and dignity that they give you, and that you give yourself.

Kevin Emmons,


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