Buck Lake submitter pens open letter to Elections Alberta re: inconsistencies

Ms. Lori McKee-Jeske

Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Alberta

Edmonton, AB

Dear Ms. McKee-Jeske,

The March 2008 general election in Alberta was very likely the most poorly conducted election in recent memory in this province. In reviewing the election rolls and voters’ lists, and in discussions with electors here in the constituency of Drayton Valley-Calmar, one learns of numerous instances of electors becoming so confused with location of polling stations, etc. that they simply gave up the opportunity to cast a vote. One also finds several instances of electors being listed more than once on the voters’ list, and many more examples where long-standing electors have been left off the voters’ list entirely or sent to polling stations far outside the realm of their usual experience. It is apparent that these same problems were prevalent in other constituencies, as well. You are undoubtedly aware of a lengthy list of recommendations addressing some of these problems, submitted by former Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Lorne Gibson, before his removal from that position.

In addition, as a former member, executive member, candidate and deputy-leader of the Alberta Greens, I am aware of a number of unacceptable actions, some of which may have been both fraudulent and illegal, which were perpetrated by various members of the former executive of that Party. As a result of these actions, the Alberta Greens was eventually de-registered as a political party in this province. However, as yet, your office has done nothing further to make these people accountable for their actions.

I suggest to you that your office fulfill its mandate of service to the electorate of Alberta by taking immediate action to rectify the above named inconsistencies. The people of this province deserve fair and well-organized opportunities to make their electoral voices heard, and to be represented by honest, law-abiding candidates and political parties. Anything less in the future would be an insult and gross disservice to our province and its people.

Sincerely yours,

Edwin Erickson

Buck Lake, Alta.