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Bylaw changes creating a mess

Dear Editor:

The recent bylaw statement that was sent out with utility bills has obviously become a concern for many Rimbey residents.

In the more than nine years of residence here never have we had an issue with garbage pickup. The Nikirk staff were courteous and obliging. Even on one occasion when a home pickup was missed it was rectified before the next day.

I can appreciate not wanting to move bags or containers that are too heavy for ergonomic reasons but I feel the insistence on having all items in a suitable container unreasonable to be insisted upon at all times. We all know that there are occasions when we go over capacity of our regular containers and there are the situations where young people cannot necessarily afford the expense of buying a garbage can right away. So to ask for suitable containers to be used is all good and wise but to insist upon it and refuse garbage bag pick up creates more of the problem that you quoted in the notice than your reasons for having them.

I am sure that the Lions Club recycle centre and other dumpster owners are noticing a sudden increase in their garbage bin usage, as well as I suspect people are using them after hours. I say this because the Lions bin has been noticeably full every time I pass by.

So think about it. The new company refuses to pick up anything not in a bag in a container. The transfer station has been removed. And if everyone were to adhere precisely to the bylaws the next complaint could very well be the containers are too big to handle for the garbage removal staff. I appreciate bylaws and promotion of safety and cleanliness but look at the ramifications of total insistence; are they worth it. I personally would rather see the ‘appropriate garbage bags and/or containers be picked up.’

Susan Robichaud