Contributor expresses appreciation for neighbour re: excessive snowfall

Dear Editor,

In these times of economic unrest and ‘me first’ thinking, it’s a pleasure to see a neighbourly gesture.

On Sunday, March 22 after a snowfall, Mr. Allen Scholze in Rimbey chose to use his own time, money and equipment to help out his neighbours. Mr. Scholze promptly cleared the back alley, the front street including the sidewalk of his block and even one or two driveways.

It was a complete surprise to me when I saw Allen clearing the snow. I believe the entire block is indebted to him for his generosity. Did anyone else clear snow for their neighbourhood in Rimbey? In Alberta?

If you ever need a hand Allen, call me and let’s give kudos to a truly genuine neighbour right here in Rimbey. And, oh yes, it’s also great to see the Scholze family has worked hard t improve their property since they moved into the neighbourhood and have not piled their yard up with junk.

I sincerely appreciate the gesture.

Garnet DuGray