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Contributor refutes terms used in recent Pas-Ka-Poo Park article

Dear Editor,

Cheryl Sheie, in her article last week about Pas-Ka-Poo Park was using the terms “family-friendly” and “user-friendly”. Really?

How many parks has she seen with a six-foot high fence all around it with all the gates – except for one by the park’s house, closed tight?

The gates are closed at 7:00 p.m. and stay that way until they get around to opening them in the morning. This fence, by the way, cost as much if not more than $40,000.

Have you seen what the Beatty House did with their money? The stone fence around it is like a work of art and is ever so beautiful.

I now see families walking the hot pavement; remember this part of town has no sidewalks while as a rule, they would enter the park on the west end and walk on the cool, green grass to go to the swings.

One more thing that I feel is kind of bad: at one time two rows of trees were planted in the park. Once they grew up and you were in the middle of them and looked up, it was then that you could feel you were more in nature’s cathedral, and now one row of trees is gone.

Anne Ring