Criticism of local doctors continues

Dear Editor:

After reading in the Nov. 3 and 10 issues about the poor service patients appear to be having with the doctors in Rimbey, I would like to inform people of the way I was treated at the clinic in Rimbey.

I had made an appointment to see one of the doctors at the clinic to get a second opinion on the status of my health, as I felt at the time, that my current doctor was not covering all of my problems to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, two days prior to this appointment, I fell, injuring my shoulder. On the day of my scheduled appointment, I told the doctor that I had fallen and my shoulder was in need of attention, besides wanting a second opinion for other health issues that needed to be addressed as well.

The doctor informed me that my medical history was required before a proper diagnosis could be made. At this time the doctor was only interested in my previous medical history and not in the prevailing injury, so needless to say, I went home unsatisfied. The doctor made the appointment 10 days later when my medical history was received and at this time I was told that I was a liar and the doctor refused to check out the injury to my arm.

Feeling quite insulted, I got up and left the examining room and left the doctor sitting there. I went back to my original doctor after that and he made an appointment to have an MRI on my arm, which took another five months. At this time I had a six-millimetre tear in my rotator cuff. Gee, no wonder it hurt.

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with the others who have written to the editor with their complaints — go to the vet or another town. It’s really sad and unfortunate that such poor or lack of service is extended towards needy patients especially when tax dollars collected through these patients helps to pay the wages of the doctors who refuse to treat them. I say what a waste.

Fred McVittie,