First past post system has served Canada well

Dear Editor:

The editorial opinion comments in the May 10 issue of the Rimbey Review regarding the election results ended by reminding the prime minister and your readers that 60 per cent of the electors did not vote for the Conservative party.

This is true. In fact, every election since 1867 in which there was more than two parties running has seen the majority of electors vote for the opposition parties, even in a minority government situation. In a multiple party system such as we have in Canada this will always be the result regardless of which party wins the most seats. To allow every party to govern the country in the same legislature would lead to chaos and confusion.

In hundreds of years of parliamentary democracy the “first past the post” system has worked quite well.

It is also worth noting that during previous Liberal majorities there was to my knowledge no crying and weeping about the “majority of voters” not being part of the ruling government.

Do I detect the taste of sour grapes?

Darrell Carrigan